Apple Dump Cake

Lately I have been obsessed with “dump cakes”. I know, terrible name, but the reason for the name is essentially because you “dump” the ingredients into a dish, pan, etc. I guess it sounds better than a “plop cake” or something like a “throw it in cake”. Aside from the name, I am utterly fascinated by them. I have my favorite recipe for a “dump cake” in my cookbook – it is a cherry and pineapple dump cake that is beyond incredible – but the recipe I am sharing today is incredible in its own way.

I have also been obsessed with “step by step” pictures lately when it comes to recipes – I am blaming Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Mine are not nearly as “professionally done” as her photos but they get the job – and the point across. I have updated a lot of the recipes here on my blog to include my “step by step” photos and here are their links –

I will be updating a lot more of them in the future to contain this feature so follow me on Twitter, Instagram or my Facebook to get the “updated recipe” alerts.

Oh – and speaking of Facebook, I am currently in “Facebook Jail” for sharing too many recipes! Can you believe that!? Is there such thing as TOO MANY recipes? According to Facebook I guess the answer is yes. What can I do to get out of “Jail”!? Anyone have any recommendations? Email me and in the meantime – try this delicious recipe – and feel free to substitute the apple pie filling for another favorite fruit flavor.

Apple Dump Cake





Recipe Testing for a Cookbook Review – Dump Cakes

I LOVE being a “cookbook reviewer” and part of that job, is actually testing the recipes in the cookbook to see if they are correct. I do not post EVERYTHING I make, develop and test but I HAD to include this picture. A chocolate and peanut butter “dump cake”! The cookbook I am reading and testing (and soon to review HERE on my blog) is a delicious book filled with “dump cakes” like this one. These are not your mother’s “dump cakes”! I am so excited to share this one with everyone once it is ready. I mean – chocolate pudding, evaporated milk, mini Reece cups, chocolate cake mix, butter, peanut butter – how bad could THAT be? I am showing you my “testing” start to finish and step by step on my Snapchat (username: blaisethebaker). Join me there and stay tuned for my official review and “taste testing” on this cookbook and recipe. I have DOZENS and DOZENS of cookbook reviews, here on my website! Just search under “Cookbook Corner”.