Tea Time! 

It was such an honor to be able to meet one of the most talented and inspirational friends I have – Donna Cronk! A couple days ago Donna and Travis came to Glen Oaks Health Campus and had “tea time” with my Mom, Darla, my Grandma Deloris and I. It was such a fabulous time! 

Read all about it – and my “Dessert Donation” here – 


(Photo taken by Travis)


Chew This – Judi’s Red Cabbage Salad

Sharing recipes (and memories) with friends and family are really special moments. My “Chew This” column today is dedicated to a near and dear friend of mine – Judi. She’s one of the strongest women I know, in many ways.

My Grandma Barbra and I first met her awhile back, while we were out cookbook shopping. Ever since that first meeting, we have been close friends. She was so excited to share this recipe with me – and even MORE excited when I told her it was going to be a future column piece…she couldn’t wait for it to be shared with everyone! I took the recipe, added some of my favorite seasonings, and it’s been on rotation at the dinner table ever since.

It’s simple, fresh and so delicious!

Judi's Red Cabbage Salad Chew This Blaise Doubman

Judi’s Red Cabbage Salad


Thanks again Judi! Recipe collector, story sharer and friend.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish everyone a HAPPY and blessed Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow! Enjoy, eat, drink and be merry!

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