Cookbook Corner – How to Set A Table

My latest “Cookbook Corner” is not exactly a cookbook as it is a “how to” book that should be in everybody’s kitchens. Read on and let me explain. 

“How to Set A Table”

This fabulous book is small in size but large in information! I have always been fascinated with table settings and I think my curiosity began when I would attend parties when I was younger – probably too young to actually be in attendance – with my family, and or my Grandma, and there would be so many pieces of silverware! I remember looking at everything all displayed so elegantly and wondering why a person would need so many pieces of silverware and trying to mimic the adults and how they were eating and with what.

This book lays everything out in what it takes to set a table. There are detailed instructions, photographs and explanations as to what goes where and why. There are different settings listed, tips on napkin folding, types of glassware, how to mix and match formal, elegant and casual and even a section on coffee tables. This is the perfect book for those who are curious as to how to set a table, would make a perfect wedding present tied in with some table setting pieces or perhaps even just a guide for you to leaf through to gather ideas and inspirations.

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