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Recipe Testers Wanted

Cookbooking UPDATE!!!

I am coming to a close on “taste testing” and developing recipes and switching more into writing mode. At this point, my mind is so full of recipes and ideas, that I could write TEN cookbooks…but I need to draw the line and STOP for now and focus on moving forward. (My ever growing food notes and recipes are still filling notebook after notebook – so I AM planning on more cookbooks…at least subconsciously).

What I am looking for now are people willing to RECIPE TEST for me. What this means is – if you are interested you will message me your email address. I will send you a recipe (sweet or savory – it is up to you) and you will physically MAKE the recipe yourself. You will follow my recipe completely and make notes on what you think needs to be changed or what you may be confused about. Then you will email me back and let me know your findings. If you can take pictures of the finished dish and send me – GREAT! But this step is NOT required. The honor system is a MUST and will be used.

I am more than confident that my recipes are “foolproof” (I have had a few friends recipe testing and doing this step with me for several months now) so I believe to have all the kinks worked out. BUT – I would like a new and fresh perspective on my recipes.

(Please understand that only a limited number of people will be selected randomly. Interested applicants have from now until July 31st to apply. The recipe testers will be contacted via email and instructions will follow.)

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in becoming a “Recipe Tester” please email me by July 31st! I look forward to hearing from you!

Email me here – blaisethebaker@gmail.com


UPDATE: Deadline is closed and potential recipe testers have been contacted. Thanks to everyone for their interest and support with this project! I look forward to the future…

ASK and Cookbooking

A lot of people have been asking me about my “cookbooking” so I thought I would share a little insight into the world of cookbook writing and developing (cookbooking) with this post!

Cookbooking Blog


First of all, I do a TON of research on whatever it is I am wanting to test and develop. Let me use salad dressing for an example. I had a request for homemade Ranch dressing, so I decided I would find out everything I could about the dressing. Where it came from, where and why it was developed, what the ingredients usually are, why, etc. etc. This might sound boring to a lot of people, but I really do enjoy it! I am a bit of a food “geek” if you will. I love studying food and food history. I know…not everyone’s cup of tea – but I really love it.

Anyways, after I have studied the history of the food (in this case Ranch dressing), I go about learning how people make it. I visit blogs, email some fellow “foodie” friends of mine, and read compulsively in my cookbooks looking for answers and techniques. (I will not disclose here how many cookbooks I own – I’ve never counted and I never intend to – but it’s easily somewhere in the thousands.)

After reading and researching and taking many notes on the subject, I go about writing down and brainstorming MY ideas for the dish (or in this case, the dressing). After I have a couple of recipes I have developed and want to try, I start out by testing in the kitchen.

The testing part can be awesome – or really really challenging! Ha! It IS one of the best parts of the work though.

After I test and test and really feel like the recipe is “complete” I have people test it – as in MAKE it themselves and see if they get the same results as I did.

Then – the next step, is my “taste testers”. I make the recipe AGAIN and this time pass it out for my “taste testers” to try. I tell them I want HONEST opinions. If it needs more salt – I need to know. If it needs to be baked less – I need to know. If it sucks – I need to know! Ha! (I have pretty thick skin).

After I get their results back (depending on what they say the recipe needs) I go BACK into the kitchen and test again – changing things, etc. Then there is MORE tasting.

Sometimes dinner for me will be 7 small bowls of salad with 7 different types of Ranch dressing – or whatever I’m testing at the time. Usually it’s 7 different types of cookies! Ha! It’s fun though…

Once the recipe is PERFECT, I will add it to my “Cookbook” folder/notebook OR put it on my blog.

Not every single recipe will make it here on my blog! I’m writing a cookbook, so chances are – the finalized recipe will end up being in my cookbook…and not on my blog.

I take pictures of everything along the way (and spare all of my social media followers by not posting EVERY single picture and recipe).

I also keep very detailed notes about what I made, how it was, the changes, who sampled and what they said, what I changed, what I kept the same, etc.

SO… that’s it in a nutshell (well, a blog post)! I know it’s not everyone’s idea of “fun” but I LOVE it!


This blog post has also inspired me to create a NEW FEATURE here on my blog called “ASK! Blaise The Baker”. The information and email address are posted on the side column of my blog. Basically, if you have a question about food, recipes, ingredients, my cookbook, etc. JUST ASK ME! I will respond to ALL emails with an answer. I have wanted to start something like this for awhile, so we will see how it goes…

I would love to hear from you! Have a question? ASK ME!


Can’t wait to hear from you,



I am cookbooking! Is that a word?! Ha! Seriously though – I am writing a cookbook! I could not be any more excited about this new project and where it might lead…

Everyone has been asking me for months why I have been “recipe testing” and “taste testing” and trying this and trying that…well now you know the answer!

Not many people know about this – but a few of you do…(to those who kept the secret – thank you.)

There is still a LOT of work to be done – but I am well on my way!

Right now it is shaping up to be more of a BAKING book than a “COOK” book, but there is still some non-dessert recipes I am wanting to share! Sweet AND savory perhaps!? Can not wait to see what happens!!! The sky is the limit…

I will post my progress right here, on “Blaise The Baker”!

Back to work,



Well, I have made the “announcement” prior to my “announcement” (Ha!) today on my Twitter and Instagram pages. Hard to believe that in about a week everyone from everywhere will be able to see what I have started and been working on. It will feel like my privacy is being invaded! But…on the other hand, I’m excited and I WANT TO SHARE with everyone about my baking…a hobby that I’m very passionate about. It will be exciting and I’m looking forward to it!



Hello everyone!

My name is Blaise and I love to bake! This is my first blog and my first posting…

I have thought about creating something like this for awhile – so here it is!

I have loved to bake since I was little, and I hope to share my love and passion for baking with everyone reading this. I hope to use my blog as a place for information and inspiration. I hope it becomes a place for you to come for great recipes, pictures, stories and conversations!

For right now – please bookmark my site for easy navigation back…

Also, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Until my next posting – I will leave you with this quote which basically sums up my philosophy on baking. It is from the incredible Julia Child…

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook – try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”