Pretzel Candy Buttons

Anyone ever had these!? Delicious!

“Pretzel Candy Buttons”

Place dark salted round pretzels on a parchment lined baking sheet. Place a HERSHEY’S KISS in the middle. Bake at 275 degree F. for 3 minutes. Remove and place a M&M’s candy in the center. Place in refrigerator for 15 minutes. 

Remove and enjoy!



The announcements today just keep coming! Guess what!? My cookbook – originally scheduled to be released September 27th, has been MOVED UP and will now be released on SEPTEMBER 9th!!! I’m so excited about this! WhooHoo!!!

If you haven’t preordered your copy there’s still time! Send $15 total (this includes shipping and handling) via check or money order to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. 

You can also pay online through “PayPal”. My account there is If you’re interested in 4 or more books, I’ll drop the shipping and handling charges. 

Please include your mailing address and to whom you would like the book(s) autographed. 

Thank you so much for those who have already preordered! 

Just a few more days!!! 


Cookbook Reminder


Friendly reminder – you can still order the “Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook, VOL VI, Potluck Rapture: The Path Less Eaten” by emailing me. 

Email –

The books are done and they are fabulous! I have TWO recipes featured (a savory and a sweet) that are EXCLUSIVE to this cookbook – you won’t see them anywhere else! (Pages 147 and 163) Cookbooks are $23 including shipping and handling. Limited supply available – so order now! 
Thanks again!

Cookbook Corner – The Little French Bakery Cookbook

The Little French Bakery Cookbook Blaise the Baker Cookbook Corner

“The Little French Bakery Cookbook” By: Susan M. Holding

I LOVED this cookbook! I can’t express in words (or this posting) how much I LOVE this book! Know someone who loves baking, desserts, Paris!? Buy them this book – or buy it for yourself if you fall under those categories – and really, who doesn’t?!

The book has a fabulous story (or at least it did to me) of starting over and following your dreams – one baked good at a time. Susan Holding does a great job of telling us about her life’s journey, where it has lead her today, and what she’s accomplished so far.

Honestly – buy this book just for the story alone (I read it like a novel) and you can drop me a line and thank me later.

The book is divided into the following categories – must have recipes and techniques, appetizers and starter courses, breads, parties, cookies and bars, cakes, favorite meals, soups, the breakfast class, our family favorites, tarts and pies and comfort foods.

Just some of the fabulous recipes I’ve marked to try are: caramelized onion dip, puff pastry sticks (I LOVE puff pastry), spicy round cheese bread, strawberry mousse cake, jumbo marshmallows, lemon cheesecake with berries, kitchen sink cookies, marry me flourless chocolate cake, beef bourguignon, tomato bisque soup, big fluffy cinnamon rolls, clementine curd tart with berries and her perfect recipe for roast chicken.

I am really enjoying this book. It entered my kitchen a few weeks back, and hasn’t left yet… I don’t see it leaving either. Fabulous book.

To learn more, see recipes and order “The Little French Bakery”, please click here…

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Share With Me!

My friend Barbara Newton from Cape Coral, Florida sent me a picture of a recipe of mine that she had tried recently. She tried my “Snickerdoodle” cookie recipe and was beyond pleased! I wrote back to her, thanked her for the photo, and told her I LOVE receiving pictures like this! I love getting pictures of my recipes that people have not only tried – but loved and enjoyed!

Barbara Newton Snickerdoodles

(My recipe for “Snickerdoodle” cookies – photo by: Barbara Newton)

Want the recipe? Click here…

That gave me an idea! Have you tried some of my recipes that you really enjoy? Why not snap a picture, and send them to me! I so enjoy it – and wouldn’t mind at all! =)

Send them to:

I’m working on another GIVEAWAY somehow centered around a similar concept like this – sending me your pictures and picking a winner! It’s in the works – so I’ll let you know when it launches!

In the meantime I have TWO other GIVEAWAYS happening here on my blog…

“Miss Vickie’s Kitchen” GIVEAWAY here…




This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Send away!


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Want to win a copy of “Food Network – Sweet”!? My friends over at “Crown Publishing” and “Blogging for Books” are giving YOU an opportunity to WIN!


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(I reviewed this book awhile back and LOVED IT! Check out my review here –

Cookbook Corner – Ovenly

This week’s “Cookbook Corner” is…

Ovenly Cookbook Blog

“Ovenly” By: Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin

This cookbook is quickly become one of my new favorites! The cookbook is “Sweet and Salty Recipes from New York’s Most Creative Bakery” (tagline on front) and sweet and salty is right – and I love it!

The cover, for one reason or another really drew me in… I loved the white cake with the dark chocolate interior being cut open and placed against a darker background. A lot of the current cookbooks have a bright “theme” – if not “loud” that almost screams to the reader “Choose me! Buy me!” which I like…but not all the time. The front of this cookbook is dark, simple and different – and I like that.

I also like the fact that it’s written by a bakery, and by the actual owners. I also like how each of the authors (and owners, developers if you will…) wrote their own introductions. It really gave a “feel” for what each bring to the book and to the recipes.

In case you’re wondering – the delicious cake on the front is their “Black Chocolate Stout Cake with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Buttercream” (page 140). How many different verbs could be used in that recipe title that would make your mouth water!? Ha! 😉

The book is filled with amazing recipes (that of course are mostly sweet and salty) and is made up of the following categories…

Scones and Biscuits / Quick Breads and Coffee Cakes / Muffins / Cookies and Shortbreads / Pies and Tarts / Brownies and Bars / Cakes and Cupcakes / Baking for the Holidays / Fillings, Frostings and Sauces / Bar Snacks.

I marked several recipes to try such as their “Cheddar Mustard Scones” (page 28), “Poppy Seed, Prune and Lemon Coffee Cake” (page 45), “Pumpkin Olive Oil Loaf” (page 47), “Salted Apple Bread” (page 50), “Blueberry Cornflake Muffins” (page 58), “Jelly Doughnut Muffins” (page 69), “Muffin Bread Pudding” (page 70 – loved the story to this recipe too!), “Chocolate Truffle Cookies” (page 87), “Blue Cheese Apple Pie with Toasted Walnuts” (page 102), “Salty Super Dark Chocolate Brownies” (page 127), “Gooey Honey Blondies” (page 131), “Brooklyn Blackout Cake” (page 142), “Chocolate Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping” (page 153) and “Salted Dark Chocolate Pudding” (page 184) to name…just a few!

I highly recommend this book for dessert lovers everywhere! If you like baking, love eating desserts, and always seem to crave something sweet AND salty – this is for you!

To buy this book, please click here…

To read their blog, please click here…

To meet the bakers (and authors), please click here…

The personal views and reviews of this blog are mine and mine alone. Any opinion or thought expressed are strictly my own. More information can be found by emailing me your questions.