Salted Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

The World is going crazy over the infamous “Salted Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies”! I made them and was actually disappointed. I went back into the kitchen and made some changes – honestly I think mine are so much better! And yes – this is what recipe development and recipe testing looks like on paper – A MESS!

Good thing I can read it!!! Ha!

Will post the finished recipe once it is completed.



Cookbook: Publishing Announcement


“Blaise the Baker: Dessert First” UPDATE: I have a BIG update and some VERY exciting news to share with everyone! After a lot of thought, consultations and advice I have decided to go forth and venture into unknown territory and self-publish my first cookbook. The advantages of doing so, far outweigh the risks, so I am moving forward with the opportunity that has presented itself to me. I am nervous, excited, anxious and hopeful.

I am working with a great company, I will reveal details later, and they are more than accommodating with my requests. I really think this is a good fit for me and a good fit for my “Blaise the Baker” brand. There are a lot of opportunities that could grow from self-publishing, including a publishing house deal/contract, etc. I have been working on this project for so long, (developing and testing recipes, organizing, etc.) that I feel NOW is right the time for the project to be released. As soon as I have the information available, I will share with everyone the RELEASE DATE, the COST, and how you can go about purchasing.

I AM SO EXCITED about this! The “cookbook journey” I have been on has been challenging, fullfilling, exciting and such a learning experience for me.

Thank you all for the support and dedication.

It really means everything to me!

I will update again soon!!!


Update and Recipe Change

Sometimes recipes need changed – or “updated” and there is nothing wrong with that! Things evolve (much like the seasons of life), and – much like life – things can always be made better.

As I was making my “Chocolate Fudge Frosting” today, for my “Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake” (recipe here –, I thought – this needs “shine” – and honestly – it was a little difficult to spread…so I reached for the light corn syrup, added a couple of tablespoons, and BAM – perfect shine AND consistency.

Updated Chocolate Fudge Frosting Blaise the Baker

To view the UPDATED recipe, please click here…


Almost the New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! I did – and I am so thankful…

Today, my “annual blog report” was released and WOW! Thank you all SO MUCH for your dedication and support for “Blaise the Baker”‬! I am so truly thankful and appreciative. The stats were overwhelming! I am viewed in 52 countries and stats are almost 20,000…

My most popular recipe of the year was my “Jello Red Velvet Cupcakes” which can be viewed here……/07/08/jello-red-velvet-cupcakes/

Thanks again for a mind blowing 2014 – here is to making 2015 another incredible year!

Thank you!!!


Cookbooking Update – Happy Holidays!

I wanted to take a moment to write and share with you a “cookbooking” update, as well as a Happy Holiday message…

Cookbooking Blaise the Baker Blog

“Greed and impatience may not be considered virtues, but they certainly help me write a recipe and cook.”
-Nigella Lawson

This quote really sums up best my “cookbooking” and recipe development process. It has been awhile since I have given a “cookbooking” update – so I am doing that here…

How are things coming along with my “cookbooking”!? Things are going great! Everything that is worth anything takes time – and this cookbook writing and creation is an exercise for me in that philosophy. I have tested and tested and tested the recipes (as well as had several friends and volunteers test) so the processes that I wanted to get done – have all been accomplished. It is now just an issue of typing it up, organizing, and putting and pulling together themes and sections to make things flow. Photos have been taken and retaken and taken again…

I can not thank each and every one of you enough for your kindness and support. It means everything to me. I am SO excited to share with you all what I have been working on for so long! (And hopefully it is sooner rather than later.) And yes – I have been jotting down recipes and notes for potential follow up books!

Also – this blog will undergo more changes at the start of 2015 that I am beyond excited to share! Stay tuned for that announcement later…

Once again – THANK YOU for your support… This is only the beginning.

Happy Holidays!!!


Cookbooking and Column Update

I have been getting a LOT of messages and emails about a few things so I thought I would do a little “update” for everyone!

First up – my “CHEW THIS!” column is featured in “The Courier-Times” on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. I think there was some confusion on this. This month has 5 Sundays, so my next column will run Sunday September 7th! (I will be sure to remind everyone! )

To check out my first column please click here –

Also – my cookbook is coming along GREAT! My “Recipe Testing” was a huge success (thanks again to all who participated) and things are moving along. Book proposals are being worked on for submission and the typing and editing work begins… For those asking about a release date, price, etc. this is all TBA.

AND keep those food questions coming by sending them to my food email –

I LOVE answering any question you may have! (Eventually I hope to open a “Q&A” section on my blog with some of the best questions along with my answers.) Thanks again for all the support! I’m so excited about all of this!!!

Happy Sunday!